TEACH QUEST Principal Program (TQPP) is an online principal preparation program. TEACH offers a Texas principal certification program that specifically meets the needs of the growing diverse student population in Texas schools.

TQPP commits to work as a partner with local education agencies in preparing high-performing, culturally sensitive, and creative problem solvers for Texas classrooms. Producing principals who are driven by passion, committed to making a positive impact, and are willing to serve as advocates for the voiceless. TEACH QUEST meets the challenges of and opportunities for guiding principals, teachers and, as a result, children to achieve higher academic performance. Dr. Delia Quintanilla, Director

Offering Much Flexibility! The program is tailored to the principal candidate's learning needs through a completely online delivery system. Online delivery system is housed at TEACH QUEST's elearning platform, TeachSweet, tqportal.com.

Key Offerings

Offering Intense TExES Tutoring
We do not "set-up" our candidates for failure on the TExES!!! Instead, the TQPP fees include two-levels of tutoring, or more, if required, via phone or onsite. TEACH offers the TExES principal practice exam delivered through the TeachSweet portal. Candidates challenge the TExES practice exams from the comfort of their homes.

Removing the Barriers to Time, Work, and Geography
TEACH provides an individual an alternative to a physical classroom. Training for a Texas principal certificate is twofold. First, the individual acquires the theory necessary to meet the rigors of a Texas school in TQPP's online classroom, TeachSweet @ www.tqportal.com. Second, the candidate applies the theories to practice in a practicum.

Supporting Team
Guiding the teacher is a team of teachers and professors who bring over 300 years of teaching experience in Texas classrooms. More importantly, TEACH delivers a principal preparation program which exceeds SBEC Program Hour and No Child Left Behind Act requirements.

Special Opportunity

While candidates will select a grade level in which to concentrate, the curriculum's interdisciplinary format prepares candidates with the pedagogical foundations for all grade level preparation.


  • Delivered completely online: online courses, online workshops.
  • Work at your own pace and time in the comfort of your home.
  • Enroll at any time! Rolling Enrollment. No enrollment deadlines.
  • Evaluate transcript & application packet promptly; quick screening process.
  • Support throughout the program by online mentor, online professor, classroom mentor, and two classroom supervisors----on going support at all levels, 12/7 connection to Dr. Q.
  • Complete onsite Practicum while serving as a paid teacher of record in a public, private or charter school.

Special Assistance

Program Deliverables

  • Veterans, based on the 38 CFR 21.4267, TEACH, a certification program delivered completely online without leading to college diplomas, is not approved for GI Bill funds. However, we can assist you in accessing your GI Bill funds through an onsite program. Consider, also, connecting to Troops to Teachers, Region 13 or MyCAA. Or, consider the TEACH discounts of $500 to $800 toward the cost of the program.
  • Candidates holding a an MA/MS or PHD are automatically, after quick application review, accepted into the program. A discount is offered for the Masters and/or Doctorate.
  • Suggested Plan of Action:

Cost of Program

Application Fee: $50. However, if you are accepted and you select TEACH as your Prep. Prog. TEACH adds $50 to your application fee for a $100 discount toward the Enrollment Fee.

Application Packet: Please do not send application docs via email attachment, by piecemeal.--too risky for fraud! In particular, do not email transcripts---transcripts contain SS#!! Instead, if living in Texas, post all application docs required to P. O. Box 141473, Austin, TX 78714! If living out of Texas, place all application docs in Dropbox. Send Dropbox access info to Dr. Q at drq@checkteachercert.com

Enrollment & Internship Fees: As little as $500 offers you portal access and enrolls you in the program. Enrollment Fee balance, after discounts & portal access fee of $500, may be paid monthly over 12-months. Program total, usually between $5000-$600. Email/call Dr. Q for other special offers.

Use the Contact Us form to reach us!

Job Placement

The TEACH Program is well respected throughout Texas. As a result, our teacher placement rate for our graduates, per year, is very high. Many of our TEACH graduates, however, after teaching for several years, move into administration or seek an advanced degree. For that and other reasons, we offer the principal certification to our teachers.